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Colonnade Program

WKU Colonnade Program

Create a foundation in the WKU Colonnade Program by viewing the below pages. 

Faculty: If 你're looking for course proposal forms and information click 在这里.


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The Colonnade Program is the name of WKU’s distinctive General Education curriculum. WKU has adopted the Colonnade Program to ensure that each student possesses certain academic skills, a breadth of human knowledge, and an appreciation for the diversity of ideas and perspectives that exist in the nation and world. All Colonnade courses are designed to challenge 你, inspire 你, and, most importantly, prepare 你 for 未来.

The Colonnade Program is far more than introductory courses that students pursue before completing coursework in their majors or minors. Instead, the Colonnade Program is truly a core—a common intellectual and academic experience shared by every student in every program of study. 更多的over, the Colonnade Program is dynamic. 我们都在学习 in stages, and the curriculum is designed to help 你 as 你 progress from 你r first semester to graduation. In Foundations and Explorations courses 你 will be challenged to gain an appreciation for the fact that t在这里 is far more than one way of “knowing” something while Connections courses will engage 你 in reflection on 你r years at WKU and also 你r future as a life-long learner.  


Student Registration Reminder

Who participates in the WKU Colonnade Program? 

All beginning freshmen who first entered WKU since fall 2014 fall semester as degree-seeking students follow the Colonnade Program requirements. Readmitted students with a catalog term older than seven years are also accountable for the Colonnade Program requirements. All transfer students who entered WKU since fall 2014 as degree-seeking students are accountable for the Colonnade Program requirements, EXCEPT those who have fulfilled the Kentucky General Education requirements and are admitted to WKU as “fully certified” OR those who have joint admission/ enrollment status prior to 2014 fall.


How do I get started? 

Now that 你 are ready to begin 你r academic plan,

1. 查看 Colonnade 需求 to learn more about 你r progression through Foundations, Explorations, and Connections.

2. 查看 WKU Colonnade Program's Approved Courses page to view the many courses available to 你 at Western Kentucky University.

3. Login to 你r student account via Topnet to identify 你r academic advisor and set up an appointment to meet with him or her if one has not already been set for 你. If 你 have any questions, visit or contact the Advising and Career Development Center

4. Once 你r academic advisor gives 你 access to register, complete 你r registration process via Topnet. 

Learning Now for a Lifetime


Complete WKU Registration Guide Academic Calendar (下载)



First day of classes for full-term and first bi-term. 



First bi-term classes: Last day to drop a class with a W. Last day to change a class from credit to audit.



Full semester classes: Last day to drop a class with a W. Last day to change a class from credit to audit.



Priority registration for 2019 spring semester begins. 


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