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Intellectual Property

的 研究处 & 有创意的 Activity supports faculty, staff and students with obtaining, protecting and marketing intellectual property rights and supports and encourages efforts directed toward bringing the products of research, creative activity, and scholarship to public use and benefit. 

的 term, intellectual property, encompasses: patents, copyrights, trademarks and 商业秘密.Patents protect new and useful inventions; copyrights protect creative expressions; trademarks identify the source of commercial goods or services; and trade secrets protect valuable, “secret” information. Western Kentucky University’s Policy on Intellectual Property (IP) can be found on the WKU 研究政策 page along with other 研究政策.


Do you believe that you have discovered something of potential commercial value or commercial relevance during the course of your research, creative, and scholarly activities 在WKU?

Do you have questions regarding ownership of the intellectual property?

Are you unsure if the invention or copyrightable work will require completion of an Intellectual Property Disclosure Form?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we encourage you to complete and submit 一个简短的 问卷调查 . Your responses will be held in confidence. Once we receive the completed 问卷调查, we will review your responses and will provide feedback and recommendations promptly. 

Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact the 研究处 & 有创意的 非正式的活动. We are always happy to discuss IP issues and answer any questions 你可能有. (intellectualproperty@carolesimardlaflamme.com ; 270-745-4652)

Intellectual Property Committee

Innovative ideas – intellectual property – may be of benefit to faculty, staff and students, but also may have a wider reach outside the university environment. 的 IP Committee can assist in protecting the rights of all 方 involved relating to intellectual property.

的 Intellectual Property Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Associate Provost for 研究 and 有创意的 Activity. 的 committee is comprised of WKU faculty and staff who provide broad technical expertise across a variety of disciplines (link to list of current committee members). 的re is also at least one member of the committee who is an outside member with relevant expertise.

Confidential IP Disclosure

A confidential intellectual property disclosure form (Confidential Invention Disclosure Form) is a document used by researchers to inform WKU about a potentially commercially 相关的发现. It is also a tool that will allow WKU’s IP committee to gather the information necessary to evaluate the invention or copyrightable work. IP committee will review the invention disclosure to evaluate whether the invention is potentially patentable under U.S. patent law (or copyrightable) and, whether the invention (or copyrighted material) has the potential to attract a company willing to develop it into commercial products. 的 committee will also review any relevant funding agreements, material transfer agreements and/or other applicable policies to determine if any preexisting intellectual property obligations are owed to sponsors or other third 方. Once the committee review process is complete, the Associate Provost for 研究 & 有创意的 Activity will contact the researcher to provide feedback and to discuss the recommendations of the IP committee.

 Download the relevant form below to complete as a fillable Word Template file. 


Innovation Disclosure Form

Copyright Disclosure Form

Trademark Disclosure Form

Software Disclosure Form 




Intellectual Property Committee

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