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It is the position of The Office of 学生的行为 that among the violations of misconduct considered to be of an especially serious nature are those that represent a threat to the safety and health of members of the University Community. 包括但是 are not limited too, harassment, physical violence or threat of violence, non-consensual sexual contact, rape or any form of sexual violence.


  • To file a student complaint, you are encouraged to write up a description of the incident 然后发给学生.conduct@carolesimardlaflamme.com. 记住,你能提供的细节越多 the better.
  • You are encouraged to contact The Office of 学生的行为 to arrange a meeting with the Director to discuss the incident (425 Potter Hall, 270-745-5429).
  • The Office of 学生的行为 will investigate all reported student sexual assaults or attempted assaults, harassment and, where appropriate, will hold individuals accountable for their actions according to the procedures outlined in the 学生行为准则.
  • The Office of 学生的行为 will also investigate and adjudicate complaints which 校外发生. In addition, 学生的行为 may handle complaints that occur at university activities or events, such as study-abroad, semester at sea and any other 学校主办的旅行.
  • Once you file an incident report, we are responsible for notifying the student or group of the report, conducting a timely investigation, and determining if there is a potential violation of the Code of 学生的行为.
  • The respondent and the complainant are entitled to the same opportunities to discuss their involvement in the alleged incident with the Office of 学生的行为 and thier designee.
  • The Office of 学生的行为 and or their designee(s) will address any complaint in a confidential, supportive and timely manner. 学生行为办公室会的 oversee that fairness and due process is met while administering this process for 双方当事人. All investigations will be conducted independently of one another.
  • When you file an incident report, you will be asked to provide a statement of what 你听到或经历过. Witnesses may be requested to meet with us to provide witness statements. Remember that the person named has a right to see what you stated.
  • Those cases which determine a violation of the 学生行为准则 may be heard 大学纪律委员会.
  • The range of administrative actions up to and including suspension or expulsion from the University are possible depending upon the preponderance of the evidence and individual 情况下.
  • Both the complainant and the respondent shall be informed of the outcome of the student conference alleging a sexual assault or harassment.
  • The Office of 学生的行为 cannot ensure a complainant's confidentiality and that even if a complaint is withdrawn, the University may continue the investigation based on preponderance of evidence, although the University's ability to investigate and 采取的行动可能有限.
  • 学生的行为 handles complaints for and against WKU students and student groups, 但不是教职员工. Complaints against WKU faculty or staff members are addressed by The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity-Mr. Josh Hayes.
  • The Title IX Coordinator-or their designee is responsible for overseeing investigations related to complaints of sexual misconduct and harassment and may handle certain aspects of the University’s response to all alleged violations. 


  • 记住,性暴力是一种犯罪. 请考虑向 WKU Police if the assault occurred on-campus or off-campus, or to the local police department 如果袭击是在校外发生的,也可以去局里. 你也可以和 我们(见正式投诉链接). However, there need not be a police report or complaint in order for 学生的行为 to proceed with the university process.

Report it!




Students are encourage to report to the following for confidential counseling with a professional counselor or university official. 这里有一些电话号码要保留 available:

If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, or call 911, your local hotline, or the U.S. National 家庭暴力 Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224. 请参阅更多技术安全提示 Here There is always a computer trail, but you can 请尽快离开本网站.

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